Creating an unpicker

SEAM_UNPICKER *seamstressNewUnpicker(int actualwidth, int actualheight,int direction,int energyfunc,int dynamicenergy,int *error);

Creates a new Unpicker object.

The width of the image you will be carving.
The height of the image you will be carving.
The direction seams will be carved in. Zero indicates only vertical seams will be removed, one indicates only horizontal seams will be removed.
Reserved for future development. This should always be zero at present.
If nonzero then the energy will be recomputed after each seam is removed. See Section 3 for details.
Pointer to an integer in which an error code will be deposited, or NULL if no error code is desired.

The result, if successful, is a pointer to a new Unpicker object ready to be initialised with the image data. If unsuccessful, NULL will be returned, along with an appropriate error code if error is not NULL.

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