Dynamic energy

Seamstress also provides a feature that is not discussed in Avidan and Shamir[1], dynamic energy. For seam carving as discussed above, the energy of each pixel is computed once, before any seams are removed. But since typical energy functions take in the context of each pixel, this approach can sometimes lead to poor results if many seams are removed.

Instead the energy can be recomputed between each seam removal, a technique I call dynamic energy. At first this may sound impractical, since the Seamstress energy function depends on convolution and is computationally expensive. However Seamstress takes advantage of the local nature of seam carving to only recompute the energy of pixels affected by each seam removal. Using dynamic energy is slower than using computing the energy only once, but only by about a factor of two.

In many cases dynamic energy provides better results.

Hayden Walles 2015-09-02
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