Creating a seam map

SEAM_MAP *unpickerMap(SEAM_UNPICKER *pic,void (*updater)(int done,int of,void *user),void *user, int *error);

Creates a new Map object from an Unpicker object.

Pointer to the unpicker from which the map should be generated. The unpicker must be initialised and its energy must have been computed. No seams can have been removed from it. If the function returns successfully the unpicker will be exhausted (no seams will be left for removal). It is not required once the function returns.
Optional pointer to a function that will be called from time to time as the computation proceeds and can be used to update a user interface with progress details. This can be NULL if no updater is desired. See section 4.5 for details.
Pointer to user data that is passed to the updater function if one is provided.
Pointer to an integer in which an error code will be deposited, or NULL if no error code is desired.

The result, if successful, is a pointer to a new Map object. If unsuccessful, NULL will be returned, along with an appropriate error code if error is not NULL.

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